Jumaat, 27 Jun 2014

Quran, kenapa mahu diulangbaca?

The other day, when I was about to finish my reading, at juz30, me and Zahra, we recited together, from Al-Fajr till the end. Of course la, I was holding the Quran, while she read it by heart. Sejuk hati mak, Alhamdullillah :). So the next day, I said to her I have to reread the Book from the beginning.

So she's wondered, "Kenapa nak kena baca balik? Kan dah habis".
I explained briefly, "Buku ni tak sama dengan buku lain. Ia membersihkan jiwa rohani. Dalam ni, dalam hati. AlQuran ni akan bersihkan. So kena baca selalu. Habis je ulang, habis je ulang, habis je ulang".

I hope she understand :)

Btw semalam dengan lecture Bro Nouman berkenaan tajuk Blessed Guest: Ramadan and the Quran, and sempat la serba sedikit tweet apa yg NAK sebutkan:
#Quran - the more u repeat, the more u understand.
We need to understand the Quran. Previously the kufar listened and they cried.
 Now, the Muslim listen n nothing happen.
 Quran purify mind - Allah teach us how to think - make us intelligent.
Quran purify heart - our heart full of greed, anger, jealousy. So when we read Quran, the words will cleanse the mind and heart.
If we recite the Quran enough, the Quran will change our life, how to treat family, neighbours, how our adab. This is what Quran did to us.
The Quran teach us to become a Muslim. Pure Muslim. Muslim inside out.
The Quran teaches us not just a knowledge but wisdom.
Share an ayah with people, maybe it will make them change. InsyaAllah.
It's so easy for us to underestimate people. We don't know what Allah will do to them. Share an ayah, the message for the sake of Allah.
This book Quran was sent to give hope for the humanity. Share the khayr!!
You and I are a Muslim because somebody before us came to our place and they recite the Quran and our ancestor came to the Deen.
This Quran is give from Allah. U hv been pick by Allah, favor of Allah to spread the words of Allah.
This Ramadan, try to understand the Quran, talk with the Quran, share what u know with ur loves one. Spread the ayah.
If u looking the guidance, if u looking for change, this is the month Ramadan. Quran was sent in this month - guidance to the mankind.
We was blessed with Islam. Be grateful with what we have. Alhamdulillah.

Picture: A Ramadan gift (and I viewed it as my birthday gift) from kak Arin (lemprica.com) Thanks so much. Something that I love that I hope can be our companian and defence attorney in the akhirah, later. May Allah taala bless you and family, kak Arin :)

xoxo: neeza


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