Selasa, 16 Jun 2015

Dua workshop pt1

Alhamdullillah. I love online class, especially when it is free. smile emoticon
And thank you Allah for the oppurtunity.
Dua Workshop- day1 notes.
Believers are unique as we turn to Allah all times. We make dua not only during hardship but also during pleasure.
If you see yourself making dua only when calamity comes, this shown you’re in the state of weakest of imaan.
When you turn to Allah during ease and pleasure, He will listen to your pray during your hardship.
Firauns make dua during a hardship but his prayer was rejected because all his lifetime he refuse to worship Allah - Yunus, ayah90.
Dua should be part of our life because that means we are connected to our Creator all the time. We are relying to Allah all the times, good or bad.
What is dua?
Linguistic - is to call out to someone for something, to request
Religiously - dua is only to Allah. Asking, pleaded Him, cannot be request from other than Allah.
Dua is an act of worship. The essence of solat is we read Al-Fatihah, which is a dua.
Can we asking from other people for help:
if something to do for akhirat - Jannah, success . MUST only ask from Allah.
if only Allah is in control - rain, sunshine. Must only ask from Allah
if regarding dunya, this is permissible but they are only means not for us to depend on. but still hv to make dua so that Allah will provide the means to help us.
Dua teach us about the Laillahaillallah. We depends in Allah alone, not other.
Benefit making dua:
A. Nobel indication of tauhid.
Making dua is a perfection of tauhid. Tauhid - oneness of Allah.
i. tauhid rubudiah - Allah is the Rabb, He sustain everything, so we wanted Allah to provide for us.
ii. tauhid uluhiyah- demonstrating we worship Allah alone.
iii. tauhid al-asmaul husna- affirming the beautiful names and attributes of Allah swt
One of effective way of making dua is using the names of Allah.
Low your self while making dua. Be humble.
B. Emotion to Allah
Fear - knowing His punishment, fear of not getting what we wants, so we will ask more, and make more dua.
Hope - His rewards, respond.
Love - combination of fear and hope. You call out Him, during ease and pain due to love.
C. Showing our true nature - that we are weak, faqir.
The more we show our nature to Allah, He’ll show His nature to us - His power, His greatness.. He will answered our prayers.
We need Allah - all times - this life and the next life.
D. Reminder of our limitation as human being and a reminder that Allah is limitless, His greatness.
Lahaulawalaquwataillahbillah.. Allah control everything. whatever we want in life - taufiq, hidayah, must make dua ask from Allah. Only He can give. He is the King of kings.
E. Dua makes everything possible. Increase conviction of dua - we look on power of Allah. Increase imaan as we depend on Allah.
F. Affirming our believe of qadr. Everything is in His hand.
Conclusion: Dua - sunnah of anbiyak, practise of the believers, increase our imaan.
Will continue tomorrow same time 1215pm for day2 Dua Workshop. InsyaAllah.


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