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Du'a workshop pt2

Alhamdullillah for the opportunity.

Ini perkongsian secara ringkas, jika dengar live is better sbb Ustadza akan menerangkan kisah nabi, hadits secara details.
Mana yg baik datangnya dari Allah, dan silap salah itu dari saya. ‪

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Du’a Workshop day2.

Etiquette of du’a
1.ask for dunya once, and twice for the hereafter.. because akhirah is our main purpose. Albaqarah, ayah 201 - Rabbana attinna fiddunya hasanah - one for dunya; wafil akhira ti hasanah - one for akhirat; wa qina azabanar - another one for akhirah.
2.Ikhlas- comes from the heart. know what you’re saying. not just in tongue.
3.Having positive thought towards the du’a. Husnuzon towards Allah. Everything is in His knowledge, He response.
4.Praise Allah in the beginning of du’a (use the asmaul husna - Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem). salawat towards Rasullullah, and again praise Allah at the end of the du’a.
5.Face qibla, sunnah but not a must.
6.State of purity - clean, wuduq
7.Perform a good deed to increase the chance for the du'a to be accepted
8.Make same du'a repeatedly - showing seriousness
9.Recommended to say Ameen
10.Make du’a in firm conviction - DONT say “Oo., Allah forgive me if you will”.

Mustajab time for du’a - important so that our du’a will be answered by Allah
-Last one third of the night
-First 10days of Zulhijjah, the day of Arafah
-Time during adzan and iqomah
-During sajdah, prostration
-There is a moment on Friday (very short moment of time) - scholars opinion: i. right before Maghrib, ii. the imam sit between the two khutbah, iii. between iqomah and Friday prayer.
-the month of Ramadan - the month of Quran, the month of forgiveness (the gate of heavens is open)
-the last 10 night of Ramadan
- Lailatul Qadr
-at MasjidilHaram, while looking at the Qaabah

Type of people that their du’a never rejected by Allah:
i. fasting people that about to break the fast - NOTE THIS!!! == FOCUS on seeking forgiveness (very crucial time but people tend to take for granted - chitchat, gossiping at the dining table, focus on food - rather than making du’a - prepare list of du'a beside you so you not forget to make du'a)
ii. just ruler
iii. the one who is oppress iv. du’a of a traveller v. du’a from a father to his son - mother by nature is loving - father is hard to have a consistency relationship with children - so this hadis is to encourage the father to appreciate his children.
vi. a righteous off-spring for his parents - Hadis Rasulullah; When a man die, he left everything except 3 - one of it is the righteous child that pray for them. vii. the du’a of the one who’s Allah love = living your life based on how Allah want. Obligate to Allah to obtain Allah love. Albaqarah ayah 186.

Du’a not accepted
- indulge in haraam life-style asking for sin not hasty in making du’a
- losing interest of making du’a when do not seeing any progress, do not give up in making du’a, - normally worldly matter - Allah know what is the best for us. The result of the du’a is based on Allah knowledge - which is the BEST for us.

How Allah response du’a: Allah will gave exactly how one is asking Allah save for the hereafter Not exactly what you want but Allah protecting us from harm/calamity, remove evil from you.

Ask Allah more - do not give up - everything belongs to Him. He will not go out of penny due to our request.
Make du’a every steps that we take. He definitely response as long it is sincerely and properly. Delay in response: During calamity, most of us make du’a. The result might be delay as it is the test - Albaqarah, 214. how content are we with the du’a our firmness, patient..

== remain steadfast. never despair - Allah is rewarding you for that. Story of Nabi Yaakub. Fasobruljameel, Allahumasta’an.


InsyaAllah will continue with the final part of Du'a Workshop tomorrow.


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