Ahad, 14 Jun 2015

How to Spend Ramadan

Alhamdullillah. Slept early and siap set jam lagi for this workshop.
Tis is some notes that I manage to write down. ‪#‎sharingilm‬.
Setting Ramadan Goals:
Goal is not a wish. We follow our goal. It makes us more pro-active.
Must make goal in Ramadan, hv objectives so that we’re not too engage with daily situation/chores and the next time you know the Ramadan is almost or gone.
Write down your goals. Be serious. Put it at a place that you see everyday, so that you are conscious with your Ramadan direction and will work towards the goal.
Allah has set goal for us — fasting so that you may become taqwa, righteous (2:183). So whatever our goals are — main thing is to achieve taqwa — aim for Janna. Like, we want to khatam Quran - why? to be righteous, to be near to Allah, to achieve taqwa and Janna as the last resort.. not just following what other people are doing.
Burden of goals: I can’t, it's hard. To overcome:
-always pray to Allah to ease the way. Only He can give. Lahawlawalaquwataillabilla
-purify your niyah.. for the sake of Allah NOT for people (showing off, because everyone do it. etc.)
-focus and concentrate (63:9)
What ramadan really is:
-is a month full of barakah, bless, and forgiveness
-month of Quran (first sent down, and later established (all))
-month of sabr (not just fasting, sabr for doing good, sabr in staying away from sins, and things that lead to sins) and the rewards is Janna
how to get the Best of the Ramadan:
-look back to our previous ramadan. do we want to repeat the same? just be like the previous year for the rest of our live?
1-plan what kind of ramadan we want. This is sort of a niyah we representing to Allah. plan well. makes goal.
2-prepare to archives the goal. don’t waste time. prepare now!!
3-purify ourselves. Make tawba- each day, night, everytime. Ya Allah, I’m sorry.. admit our mistake to Him to purify ourselves. istigfar ever single minutes.
4-protect and prevent ourselves from sins. Fast not just our belly but every part of our body is fasting - the ears, mouth, eyes. avoid social network if you hv to.
5-develop feeling with the ibadah. not just routine, ritual. wake up for sohur, not just to eat but tahajud. breakfasting, sharing foods with others. Not just read Quran to khatam but connect/ponder what Allah is saying. Increase your dua.
6-ponder the stories of the sahabi how they celebrated ramadan.
7-pick an exclusive time to talk heart-to-heart with Allah. Make sincere dua. cry if we can. make a special 2 rakat salah for the sake of Allah. Syukr.
And the Ustadzha make a very long dua at the end of the class, that makes me cry. Subhanallah. May He reward the teachers and make us have the Best in this Ramadan.


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