Isnin, 15 Jun 2015

Quran intensive

Life ni sometimes very magic. Quran intensive is coming this August. I remembered tweeting about the course somewhere last two years-- "best nya rasa nak join".

But now I am not sure myself, bole join ke tak. May Allah give the best, as He knows what's the Best for me. Btw, regarding poster di atas. Thats is the purpose. When I came back to Quran, I am so inspired to be able to memorise the Book. I've tried but failed a few times. Givap sekjp, lepas tu rasa pump balik nk hafal few surahs. And now, insyaAllah I am clear with the mission and really hope can hafal those targeted surah.

Cabaran pertama masa mula nak menghafal dulu, is I think I dont understand the languange - taraa... Bayyinah 10days understanding the basic of Quranic Arabic pun muncul. I joined, Alhamdulillah. Semangat kembali utk menghafal, then Mat said, tajweed need to be improved, huhuu.. - taraa... 5days Mega Tajweed course pulak muncul. I joined, Alhamdullillah. And it did improved my way of recitation, Subhanallah. And finally, I think I am all prepared to hafal the Quran.. and taraa.. this class happen to hit me. Subhanallah.. macam magic sangat. InsyaAllah, I will join this class. Jauh skit. But this is the purpose. May Allah make ease. Ameen. ‪

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