Sabtu, 13 Jun 2015

Do we need a mazhab?

Alhamdullillah for the opportunity.
It was like a very last minute arrangement, sbb Mat xde, and if I go, I hv to drag along the three, and ya, I did drag along the three. Mula duduk dalam, but then settled kat luar bcos the kids need to burn their energy.

Regarding the lecture:
1. do we need mazhab? - as an orang awam, yes, we do need to follow (taqlid) to one of the 4 scholars unless we are able to ijtihad. Ijtihad maksud nya berusaha bersungguh-sungguh to learn the details of the deen, and knew which act is fall in the law (syara') of wajib, mandub, mubah, makruh and/or haram.

2. why there is only 4 mazhab? - these 4 is complete school based on the explanation of the Quran and Hadist and not contradict with the ahli sunnah wal jamaah. There are other school, but they're half bake/not complete, so they never survive. Complete as cover over all. - we need to follow only one, becos, each from the 4 is complete, and we cant mix them up, becos each mazhab stands in its own principal.

3. can we just take only from the Quran and Hadist? - Islam is Not do-it-yourself religion. Main thing about this deen is one need to have a real-life teacher in order to know the knowledge. Any hukum cannot just read and act on it, without referring to ahli ilmu. Bimbang (sendiri) jatuh sesat dan menyesatkan (orang lain).

Ini serba sedikit what I get from the lecture. Balik awal sebenarnya sbb the kids start to scream and make noise. Mana yg baik datangnya dr Allah, dan mana yg buruk it is from me. Do correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.

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