Rabu, 21 Oktober 2015

"Jewels of Islam: The Story of Maryam (a.s.)" by Shaykh Dr. Ahsan Hanif

Alhamdullillah di atas peluang untuk ke taman syurga, malam semalam.
Berikut adalah antara ilmu yang sempat saya notakan:

- We must have an establish relationship with the Quran. Quran will come as our attorney during the day of Qiyamah.
- How to understand the Quran?
--- Learn the meaning of the THEME of each chapter -> understand the theme.
--- Quran is unique becos each chapter comes in specific theme
--- However, each topic is connected, there's a chain that move from one chapter to the other chapter.
--- study the text and analysed.

Surah Maryam:
The only surah after a woman name.
So what is the theme?
-- solat, sabr and Allah will help.
>>> Zakaria as wants a pious zuriat - solat, sabr - Allah give Yahya
>>> Maryam, in her journey to give birth, alone, - solat, sabr - Allah give Isa, who is very special, a baby that can talk and backing his mother
>>> Ibrahim, in his dawah to his father, got rejected - solat, sabr - Allah promise that all of the rasul that came after is in his progeny
-- solat, sabr and the reward is pious zuriat.

Conclusion: In difficult time, establish connection with Allah - Solat, keep on praying - Sabr  - Allah will give Good News.

Subhanallah, Alhamdullillah.



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