Ahad, 15 November 2015

Path to HEREafter - Sisters seminar

Take home message : 
To find the right path-
1. Knowledge of being a muslim.
2. Find right person to guide.
3. Do not compare our journey with other people.
4. Be proud of Muslim identity.
5. Help others too.
6. Choose your friends well.
7. Doa and be patient.
8. Staying in right path is bigger struggle -Istiqomah.

Walking in footsteps of Rasullullah -
1. Have knowledge. Learn the sirah.
2. Follow sunnah with imaan.
3. Istighfar always.
4. Re-do intention everyday.
5. Be kind to our neighbours.
6. Learn to obey the Shahadah in fullest.
7. Be the best in character.


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