Jumaat, 6 Januari 2017

Perjalananku Bersama Al-Quran pt2. masalah makraj.


Alhamdullillah. Perjalananku bersama Al-Quran bersambung lagi..

Masih dengan TMEAG untuk kelas recitation, but this year I enrolled myself to the memorisation class too. So, I have successfully keep myself busy with the Quran with classes from Monday til Saturday, with classes: memorisation alternate each day with recitation. Alhamdullillah.

For my recitation class, Alhamdulillah, I've been promoted to second higher level that is the brown class (the academy divided the students depending on their ability to recite, with black being the best: black, brown, red, purple, pink, yellow and white). Although, I am so happy to be in the new class, but telling the truth, peer pressure sebenarnya masuk brown ni. Others are reciting well with minor correction but me, I am still struggling to pronounce some letters. In other words, my makraj is poor. And like a domino effect, when you have a poor makraj, your recitation will look lousy. Oh! 😞
But I am so lucky to have a very sabr teacher. She will guide me, and teach me how to pronounce the letters correctly and even if I remake the same mistake, she never show disinterested towards me. Alhamdullillah, may Allah bless her and give rewards for her patience.

As for memorisation class, we are now reevaluate back what I've memorised and to my surprise, I found that I've make quite number of mistakes in my recitation. Even the short surah like Al-Ikhlas, there's a minor mistake, the ha letter for the word ahad is not strongly pronounce, thus it looks like the round-ha. And as I stated earlier my makraj is my biggest obstacle. , may Allah forgive and continue to guide me.

Dalam kepala ni dok terfikir, susah jugak nk recite macam sheikh-sheikh dalam kaset tu. Is it because I am not Arab? The academy have this rule not to recite with melody, meaning plain-stiff recitation, and I found it hard to get rid of my melody, mungkin sebab dah terbiasa, and bila dengar sheikh yg recite pun they have they own melody, lenggok bacaan dia. Like even when I speak, I have my own lenggok. The teacher kept on saying, read naturally, like you're speaking, I tried but it doesn't sound good. This make me think, maybe I have a problem with my mouth, teeth structure not well-arrange or maybe my tongue is larger or longer than it should be. Hahaa.. merepek-repek dalam kepala. Then teringat pulak dengan pengalaman haji, duduk dengan jemaah India/Sri Lanka (I like to hanging around with jemaah from other than Malaysia/Indonesia - kurang skit berbual, so i can focus on the Quran or dzikr). Bacaan diorang pun agak pelik jugak, but then again, if we want to be the best, compare ourself with those better than us and not the other way round.

Berbalik kepada my main problem, that is the makraj, I hope and pray that Allah make ease for me.
I will update my story again in the near future. Samada I still have the problem or it has been solve.
InsyaAllah, Yakin boleh. Sebab Allah janji Quran ni mudah:

“Dan sesungguhnya telah Kami mudahkan Alquran untuk pelajaran, maka adakah orang yang mengambil pelajaran?” (QS. Al-Qamar: 17).

Chow for now. Ketemu di notaNeeza yg lain pula. Assalamualaikum.

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