Jumaat, 7 Julai 2017

Ribaat Student of the Month ~ July 2017


Alhamdullillah for the opportunity. Never expected this at all. One of the best academy that I am currently seeking knowledge - from sisters to sisters.

As salaamu alaikum, My name is Anneeza binti Zainal. I'm 38 years old from Putrajaya, Malaysia, and am married with four children. I have a Masters in Microbiology and used to work with the Ministry of Health before deciding to become a full-time mom after my second child was born. Before I gave birth to […]:http://rabata.org/home/blog/2017/07/01/ribaat-student-of-the-month-july-2017

If you're looking for an accredited academy (qualified Teachers) to seek the deen, you can try Rabata. I've been in one academy to another, and I personally love Rabata firstly and foremost for the perfect class timing. There's also group discussion via whatsapps and what make me stick to the class is there's a fee. Previous Hannanah Academy is free (you can check my post regarding the class structure in somewhere in Aug 2015) BUT knowing the class is free makes me laking in my commitment. When you have to pay then you will force yourself to attend the class even storm and tornado is coming. Hehee..

I hope this post benefited you.
Thanks for reading.

Salam alaik.



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