Selasa, 18 Ogos 2015

Keep it halal


Pelajaran drpd Ustadza Aisha from AlHuda Int, how to have barakah in life, in whatever we do. Take this example, we have two good healthy cows, need to be slaughtered. One we said Bismillah, and the other one not, before slaughtering. So what happen to the cows? Alhamdullillah both died but one would be halal and the other one would be not. Even both cows is in its best form, but the one without saying bismillah before slaughtered has become non-halal.

So same goes to what ever we do, to have barakah, its as simple as Bismillah.. in the name of Allah. Starts everything with bismillah and insyaAllah we will see good thing in everything.