Khamis, 30 November 2017

Menstrual cup (product review)


As a newly converted minimalist, Alhamdullilah, by far, I survive with 7 jubah dress, 5 instant tudung, 5 niqabs (each w different style), 5 pairs of house wear pants and shirt, a pair of shoes, and  approximately 5 pairs of inner wear. Dont be surprise as all these are achievable becos I wear all black.. hehee.

So, what happen is, I can reduced most of my stuff, our household items, BUT this one drawer full of cloth pads rasa mcm tak boleh nak disusutkan amount-nya (masa mula terjebak dulu jadi jakun so asyik nk membeli jer). But I do need it a lot sebab I like to change pads every hour esp on the 1st 2nd day of Aunt Flo, so how la to have less than 5 when you have this habits kan.

Alhamdullillah for google, I found the solution ...

Menstrual cups!

Alhamdulillah, been using this 6 months already (since AF coming back) and love it to bits. Sampai rasa why la I dont think about using this sooner like zaman Zahra lagi (masa zaman active berforum, ada few moms takling about mc but I opt for cp instead).

I have 3, which is more than enough - 1 normal sz for normal flow, 1 small sz for night use or when the flow is about to stop, and another 1 I purposely buy sebab ada sale and thinking of perlu jugak ada spare satu, mana tau tergolek jatuh lubang toilet etc.

And Yes, freedom is mc. You can go to swim on your 1st day of your af so what not to love about it.