Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our story - perfect end :-)

.. sambungan kisah chenta kami...

We’ve planned to get married in the year 2005. However, kadang-kadang apa yang dirancang tak jadi: I’ve got job with the govt and have to move to Seri Manjung, he had big project which inquired him to stay on and off in Myanmar, his Father, all of a sudden, being hit with stroke which left the whole family in miserable state.

I was discontented and frustrated with the whole thing - I met his sister, which then telling me at that particular time, they cant afford to go to Ipoh (to melamar, merisik, or whatsoever). Waktu tu rasa, aku ni setakat bercinta je kot ngan mamat ni.

Then I told my mom the big picture – I have a bf, wanna get married but his family kinda reluctant to come to Ipoh from Kuala Terengganu because of his father’s health matter. Then, what my mom said was quite a surprise for me: she said if distance was the main barrier than let just arrange the marriage things on the phone. I was like ‘boleh ke?’. She replied, ‘kenapa tak boleh pulak.’. I told Mat then, he said to his sis, and his sis called my mom and they arranged everything tru the phone: EVERYTHING – from marriage date to hantaran brapa to dulang berapa and so and so.

Yeay, finally I’m getting married.. heheheheh..

We set to be married on 02062006.Yeap, its today’s date.

Well, basically the akad was on 2nd June while the kenduri was on the next day. It was on Friday, and the akad will take place after Maghrib prayer at the nearest mosque. Before the akad, Mat whom just arrived from KL, came to my house like twice that day. But somehow, that night, for the big event, he came late. Papa was quite furious – ‘Jadi ke ko nak kawen ni, dedek? Kita dah la tak penah jumpa keluarga Mat ni: tak sampai lagi ni?’. Aku pun at that time cuak jugak. Called berkali-kali and Mat told me dia sesat. Aduh.. tension betul waktu tuh - pagi sampai 2x tu datang. Actually we’re not the only couple who wants to get married that night, ada tiga lagi couples yang akan diakadkan oleh kadi dan disaksikan oleh orang yang sama. So, the other couples were like ‘bila kadi ni nak mula ni?’.

Mat arrived after Isyak (when we’re supposed to get married after Maghrib). Lega dah rasa hati waktu tuh. Dida, dida, I officially became his wife at 9.20pm. *grin*. After the akad event, we head back to my house for batal air sembahyang. Since the mosque is so near, I just walked back home (dengan veil bagai.. hahahaha). Sya, my sister said, ‘Takpehape Abg Mat ni. Sampai masjid tadi, dengan sampin nya tak pakai, butang baju melayu tak kancing, bla, bla.’ I replied, ‘Ah, pedulikan. As long as dia sampai and do the akad. Nyehehah.’

We only have reception in Ipoh, tak de buat kenduri di KT, which is fine with my family (due to my FIL health). I can conclude that our reception was the less hassle wedding ever dan jimat jugak (ekekek) – no merisik, no tunang, kawen terus dan kenduri hanya sekali sahaja.

Heheheh.. bile terkenang balik saat nak kawen tu, macam-macam perasaan bercampur-baur: sedih, geram, pening, teruja, suka. Apapun, I’m glad we’ve married and blessed to have Zahra and the mole .. *grin* :

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday..

To Dear Abang:
I might not be a perfect wife – rumah tunggang langgang, masak celas celus – thanks for loving me in any way: saya tahu awak sayang saya (I noticed ketulusan itu waktu the Dr said that I’ve to undergo chemo..)
Selamat Hari Ulangtahun Perkahwinan yang ke3.. aku pong sayang sangat kat ko.. opsss… iLUVu so very much *muah*..

Mat being akad by Papa

Me - happy

Us - hubby & wifey :-)


  1. seriously dah nk nangis.. huhu

    biase la i cry at sweet happy endings.. hmm, yg paling touching maybe settle everything thru phone coz kalo dah jodoh, xkemane...hihi :)

    hope ur love will be blessed with a baby soon! ameeeeeeen!

  2. ku pun terharu juga... kalau jodoh tak ke mana.. semua dipermudahkan :)
    ku juga doakan ditambah baby secepat mungkin ..INSYALLAH

  3. dah jodoh mmg mudah.even byk ujian dtg.ye tak?
    bile zahra nak dpt adik ni..??insyaAllah

  4. korang.. hehhehhe
    tentang adik.. hehehheheh