Sunday, August 9, 2009

Organizing the room

This is my dream sewing room:- dalam mimpi boleh la dapat kot.. heheheh

This weekend, I wanted to do some sewing, however was very much disturbed with the room condition. The iron and the ironing board was in the other room, which I have to now and then going to the other room for ironing. Later, Mat told me that my SIL is coming and staying during the school holiday and I thought is about time for me to switch the bed and the ironing board, or else I cannot burn the midnite oil when she's here. I didn't take any picture 'before', but this is the 'after' look.

I didn't get my dream room tho, but having to have this pun dah ok. Dah naik dah semangat ini. Heheheh...


  1. neeza,
    i pun dok ngemas during weekend ni, plus beli meja pjg sket sbb letak sekali mesin jahit tepi semeja senang.

  2. mai, nanti bole tayang gambar.. ;-)

  3. neeza, phewitt! cantik tu sewing workstation..kira bagus dah ni.. siap ada manequin gitu...cantik!

  4. kak ros, hehehe.. semenjak gi kemas bilik tu rasa lemau plak nak menjahit.. sebab sayang takut bilik sepah balik. akakakaka

  5. wah rajin mengemas, slow-slow lah transform nanti bole dapat the dream room tuh :-D

    rajin ya u menjahit..

  6. hi bai,

    adala menjahit tu skit-skit.. hehehe.. thanks for droppin by my blog and give comment.. i pon selalu gi blog u jgk (as silent reader).. heheheh