Ahad, 27 September 2009

Practicing to crochet

This is one of my raya activity. Since I'm off from the sewing machine, what I did was doing some crochet, just to refresh back my mind on how to do it.

Dont ask what I'm doing at the moment. The above knitting was just for fun.. hehehe.. And I love Ipoh very much. There's this one shop sells all sort of sewing thingy (like treads, buttons, zips, bla bla with such a cheap price). Since I'm still practicing my skill to crochet, the above treads plus the needle was bought for only RM5.

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  1. The shop that you bought the crochet hook and the crochet thread.....emmmm in which part of Ipoh is it in????? cz i really want to start crocheting as well....pease help me.....thank you... =)