Rabu, 9 Disember 2009

Rolled hem foot

I went to Kajang during lunch today to settle something and end up having myself in the Singer shop. I have nothing in mind but to wonder around and suddenly asking the shopkeeper if their have other type of foot for my type of sewing machine (that would be the 7-series). She showed me one and my mind quickly recalled about Durra's post. Yup, it's the rolled hem foot.

And without hesitation I bought one.

Can't wait to try it at home tonite. Well, if you're interested, you can buy it at Singer Kajang for rm10 each.

2 ulasan:

  1. neeza, i think i bought mine at RM8 @ Singer HQ in PJ. maybe kat HQ so, dia tak mark-up banyak la kot. tu pun coincidently beli sebab i attend course kat UEM learning academy which is located opposite the Singer HQ building :)

  2. alamak, dah rugi rm2. tapi tak pela, nak ke pj pon most probably need more than rm2 rite.. heheh.. thanks 4 d info anyway.. :-)