Rabu, 16 Disember 2009

Simple top and pants

Ok, when I said simple, this is indeed very simple, and very fast project as well. I cut the fabric during my lunch break at the office, start to sew at 8.30pm and finished everything by 10.

This is what I sewn:

Based on this baju+seluar that is no longer fit Zahra because dah kecik.
The baju+seluar was bought at Kelantan when I went there last year for work for rm12. And after completing my version, now I know why la the baju+seluar is so murah. Heheh..

And what makes me more excited to sew is.. tadaa...


I'm working on new project and again it is another baju for Zahra. She needs a new wardrobe because she's outgrown most of her baju so instead buying, I pledge to sew for her (disamping menajamkan lagi kemahiran menjahit saya).

This weekends we're going back to kampung, so, no sewing. Erm.. I'm going to miss my studio. (Well, sewing is indeed very addictive.. hehehe).

2 ulasan:

  1. that looks easy and cute! :)

  2. cute!
    i pun berazam nak jahit sendiri baju2 my kids.kita sama2 menjahit ya..