Sabtu, 12 Disember 2009

The pajamas

Zahra's notes:
This is my new pajamas.

My Ummi made it for me. I like it especially there's my favorite cartoon character on it- yup, Mr Doraemon. I know its noon but I wanna wear it anyway. Goodnite people. I'm going to have a sweetdream for my afternoon nap.. Ngee..

Ummi's notes:

I made a pajamas for who else - my DD Zahra.

Taken the pattern from Cotton Friend magazine Spring 2009 edition.

This is my first time sewing a convertible collar. Fuh, sungguh mencabar. Hard for me to figure out at first sebab tak ada contoh baju.
Luckily when I browsed one of my books, I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to sew one. But still, lots of jahit-tetas-jahit semula activity.

And I sew buttons on this baju. I guessed I need to spare my snap prong buttons for other sewing projects. Heheh..

Last but not least, I started cutting the fabric at 10am and finished everything at 2pm: spent about an hour just to sew the collar. For me, sewing is easy, its like matching the puzzles. The hard part is to cut the fabrics (yes, I need lots of gut overhere) and to make sure the measurement is appropriate.
Btw, the Doraemon fabric was bought at Kajang (a store near the McD) for rm4 per metre. The fabric is a bit hard, more suitable for making pillowcases I guess but no harm on making baju, right.

Happy weekends, people :-)

6 ulasan:

  1. salam,

    hai..kiutnye baju tido zahra..kain keras tu tak lembut gak ke after pre-wash, kak?

  2. hi Lynn, thanks for following blog akak :-). kain tu tak la keras sangat.. cuma kejung skit.. heheheh.. maybe after few wash mungkin ok kot. hopefully la.. ekekek

  3. salam neeza.. thanks for dropping to my blog... sukalah blog neeza.. zahra pun comel.. keep it up!

  4. u r welcome (^o^)//

    akak pernah tak browse site Dana dari Made? Best la tgk hasil keje jahitan dia ngan photography.

    kalu tak pernah, ni link okay:

    some of the tutors amat la kiut kalo zahra dpt memakainye..hmm..

  5. Maya, ur welome :-)
    Lynn, akak memang follow blog tu. Mmg bst la blog dia :)

  6. very cute pyjamas! i pun belum berani jahit kolar, and yours look very nicely done! betul la u kata menjahit ni macam cantum puzzle kan? tapi bab potong kadang2 i pun fail hehe