Ahad, 3 Januari 2010

New year - weekend activities

Nothing much (on sewing) actually. I only have mood to sew on Sunday, the rest of the holidays was spent loafing around.

A) Ruffle dress for little Zahra

I was so eager to use the bias tape maker so I make this dress. A little tutorial on how to use the bias tape maker is in the next coming post.

OK, I have to admit that I'm not a big fan on bias tape. In fact, I hate the ready-made satin bias tape. My experienced in using the satin bias tape was suck -I'm trying to sew it as piping on my baju kurung and it turn out very ugly (really looks like it has been sewn by an unprofessional sewist: which in fact was true, indeed). So, when I decided to use the bias tape maker and using it on Zahras baju, I have this weird feeling- scared if it turns out ugly yet excited to try new sewing gadget/technique. OK, it still looks unprofessional but I kinda like the experience. I have few other upcoming project using the bias tape maker (don't worry, I'll publish it here once it's done).

B) My maternity top

This is from previous project which I wanted to make myself a long sleeves baju punjabi looks alike, but have been left unattended for quite sometimes- I forgot actually. Just remembered about the unfinished project when I arranging my stash on the new rack I bought. Thus, instead of making baju punjabi looks alike, I made myself another maternity top.

Again, for both baju, I'm not depending on any pattern- just cut the fabric and sew following my gut. And I love the outcomes of my maternity top: am going to make more and more (jika ada masa laa..).

Well, did you notice? Yes, the ruffles- on both baju. Hehehe.. I've just learnt the new technique and now was over excited to make ruffles on each and every baju that I sewn. Hahah..

OK, thats all for now. Hope to sew more in this new year :-)

2 ulasan:

  1. salam kak neeza,

    selamat bekerja esok :) and both baju are adorable, cuz me myself luv ruffles so much.

    tak lama lg blaja smocking kot akak ni..hahah..

  2. thanks lynn.. mungkin akak akan mula belajar wat smoking bila sampai seru nnt.. hehehe... (crochet dress pon tak siap-siap lagi ni).. huhuhu..