Ahad, 25 Julai 2010

Weekend rambling

I love weekend. Who don't? Well, since becoming sahm, I wish everyday is weekend so that hubs will be at home and give me a helping hand with the kids. Hehehe.. Naah,I'm not complaining but telling the truth I have to juggling to do everything (managing the kids, keeping the house clean, managing the kids, cooking, sewing, playground every evening, managing the kids) until the only me-time is the time for me to pump my milk. Theheehe..

Well, enough with all the whining, these are what I've sewed for last week. I only sew during weekdays, since weekend is family-day (so, absolute no activity in the studio during weekends). Not much tho, as last week is quite 'huru-hara' week with me having mild fever (I was this close to having the mastitis) and the serger making a very weird sound (Alhamdulillah, it stop after a while- however, very scary indeed).

Anther mini jubah:


Few kid baju kurung(s):

OK, that's all. Another weekdays approaching very soon and I hope to be very productive this coming weekdays. You too enjoy your day, yah..

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  1. salam,

    hehe..berapa kali ulang 'managing the kids' derrr.. ^^ tu la sapa kata jd SAHM senang, boleh lepak..mmg silap la org tu :p