Rabu, 30 Mac 2011

Tweaking the Tudung Syria

Hahaha.. Tudung syria again.. I just love that kind of tudung, to you who designed it, Thank You!

Eventho I've made few of my own version tudung Syrias, but once in a while when I bumped into a great bargain, I will not hesitate to treat myself with that tudungs. Recently I went to the market and there's this few bunch of tudung Syria selling one for RM7, and 3 for RM20. After spending one hour lingered around that shop, thinking should or shouldn't I buy that tudungs, I decided to buy however was unsatisfied as Tudung Syria made with Lycra fabric looks ugly on me.

Not to waste the damaged that I've done to my pocket, I later discovered that if I omitted the inner and put a pin below at the neck end, the tudung will look good on me and also easy to wear.

So, I tweaked them and now I have three new tudungs that look good on me :) Heheheh.. This is way better that tudung Syria because it didn't need to use the inner, and similar to tudung awning but, of course I don't have to keep an eye on the awning.

Before - not so looking good:

After (I feel good.. nenenene):

This is how I tweaked:

You can try it too. :)

3 ulasan:

  1. I like the 2nd n 3rd pic.. tp yg last tuh nampak mcm budak sekolah skit... tingkatan berapa ye dik hehehe jgn mare...

  2. Anak dah dua dah, Kak Mila ooiii.... Ekekekkee :D

  3. kenapa sy nampak mcm semua gambar tu okay je?? hmm... :D