Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

La tahzan

You have sweet water to drink! Fresh air to breathe! Feet to walk with! You sleep safely in your bed! So, why be sad? #BeGrateful

If you have committed a mistake, correct it. The doors of repentance are ever open! The fountain of forgiveness is ever rich! #DontBeSad

Let all by gones be by gones! What is predestined for you, you shall see it! Being sad will not change anything! So don't be sad! #BeGrateful

Sadness spoils your life! Destroys your happiness! And turns it into wretchedness! So don't be sad! #Smile #BeGrateful #Strength Alhamdulilah

Every cloud has a silver lining! After long nights, comes the bright sun! Life will soon give u a smile! So be ready to get it! #Alhamdulilah

Real life is that spent in happiness! So cross out ur sad days from ur age! Peace of mind is the real treasure! Sorrow avails not! #Alhamdulilah


Neeza Zaini

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