Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life with me..

-sewing machine and carriers
-kitchen and laundry (not my first love, never a crush.. :p)
-my daily dose of food for the soul
-new found hobby: shooting!

I wear Black all the time.
So, no more 'passion towards fashion'.
iykwim.. hehee..

Thanks for staying, to you that keeps on coming to read my piece.


  1. nice blog header...
    by the way the book of Cinta krn Allah to.. can you make a book review PLZZZZ....
    I too love the black,dark blue, dark brown n grey...
    no more fashionista ,k.

  2. Kuazue,
    Thanks :)..
    InsyaAllah.. Ada masa sy review.. Tapi bukunya agak serius reading.. :)