Khamis, 1 November 2012

Life with me..

-sewing machine and carriers
-kitchen and laundry (not my first love, never a crush.. :p)
-my daily dose of food for the soul
-new found hobby: shooting!

I wear Black all the time.
So, no more 'passion towards fashion'.
iykwim.. hehee..

Thanks for staying, to you that keeps on coming to read my piece.

2 ulasan:

  1. nice blog header...
    by the way the book of Cinta krn Allah to.. can you make a book review PLZZZZ....
    I too love the black,dark blue, dark brown n grey...
    no more fashionista ,k.

  2. Kuazue,
    Thanks :)..
    InsyaAllah.. Ada masa sy review.. Tapi bukunya agak serius reading.. :)