Rabu, 7 Januari 2009

Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting involves creating a strong bond between mother/father and the child. It is also natural mothering because it involves doing what comes natural to a mother when social and cultural influences are eliminated. Benefits can include a less fussy and happier baby and more sensitive parents.

The following are common ways to practice attachment parenting:
• Having a natural, peaceful childbirth and bonding with the baby through rooming-in at the hospital
• Breastfeeding the baby on demand as opposed to a schedule
• Answering baby's cries quickly (not letting baby "cry it out")
• Wearing the baby as much as possible using a sling or baby carrier
• Having baby with you as much as possible (avoiding baby sitters if possible)
• Having baby sleep in your bedroom (either in your bed or in a crib next to your bed) so you can respond quickly to baby and he can adjust to your sleep cycle.
• Avoiding using material items sooth baby such as pacifiers, swings, strollers, etc. By offering yourself to comfort baby, baby learns to form strong human attachments.

Ohh.. I love AP so much…


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