Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to make your own CD

Today, I would like to show you an easy ten steps on making cloth diaper.

1. Draft the pattern on a piece a paper.2. Put it on double folded flannel fabric. Cut the fabric based on the pattern paper.

3. Sew the soaker on the back of the flannel fabric. You can make soaker by using old or used towel. 4. Sew the velcro on the front of the flannel fabric.
5. Put the flannel fabric on the outer layer. You can use any kind of fabric to make it as outer layer. Here I use 'kain baldu'. Cut the outer layer based on the shape of the flannel fabric. Then sew the velcro.

6. Sew the outer layer fabric with plastic cover (the kind of plastic cover use by mother old days to ikat-ikat the lampin kain). By using this plastic cover, your CD is actually the waterproof type of CD. Omitting the plastic cover, you'll made fitted CD which have to be wear with the diaper cover.
7. Sew the outer layer with the flannel fabric in terbalik version. Left the front part unsew. In terbalik version, you sew the 'getah' at three parts.
8. After that, terbalik kan the whole thing.

9. Then sew on the lining to keep it tide.

10. Voila, you have made your own cloth diaper. Congratulation :-)

Easy kan? Selamat mencuba..
(senang memang senang tapi lenguh jugak pinggang aku menjahit.. hahah)


  1. wahhh boleh buat sendiri ekkkk ...

    ni kena rembat mesin jahit pulak ahaksss...

  2. hie nice work! teror la hehe..can i know where did you beli kain flannel and baldu tu? i cari tak jumpe la..thanks ya

  3. those kain i beli either kat kamdar or nagoya.. never beli kain from oversea.. semua dapat local jer..