Friday, February 13, 2009

Wad 10U, PPUM

This is the place where i spent like 2-3 hrs during my chemo treatment.
Nampak suram je kan.. Photos were taken during weekend so there would be no one else accept me doing the treatment. If normal weekdays, all chairs will be basically occupied with the chemo patients.

Sad.. sad place.. dont you think?


  1. anneeza, dont think of it as "sad, sad place" nanti ko jadi lah sad! :) think of it as a place of hope. a place to be postive and optimistic ok. a place where ko bley berangan zahra jadik doc ke besa nanti..


    nape weekend plak takde org ye?

  2. dah berubah tempat kerusi dia.. dulu.. belah kanan dua katil then belah kiri sederet kerusi boleh baring tu.. hurmm.. memories...