Friday, March 13, 2009

Ready for a Fresh Start

Yesterday I went to my former office – menyelesaikan sedikit perkara yang tertunggak. In fact, I still haven’t yet to start to work in the new place – Pathology Department, HSdg. since I’m still on MC. Will be able to start to work by next Monday, insya Allah.

To my surprise, my boss asked me : Betul ke you nak pindah ni? We going to miss you la. I’m going to miss you.

Heheheh.. Betulla saya nak pindah. I’ve been put up my transfer application forms since May 2008. Dan sekarang banyak reasons yang mendorong aku bertambah-tambah lagi nak pindah:
  • There are a lot of pregnant mamas in the building: more than 5, I’ll guess. I should be in the same boat with them, however, mine got sank.
  • I don’t like the new set up. I just don’t like the new set up.
  • I’ve got enuff with outstations. For once, I just want to be in the lab looking at the microscope.
  • Dan alasan.. alasan.. alasan.. ekekekke…
Apapun, kerja kat mana-mana sama jer.. its you – you’re the one who control – its in the mind – I love my work: then you’ll love it in every inch, BUT if I hate my work: you don’t even like to look at the building.

But in my case, from what had happen to me in the past few months, I just need to be in new place, working with new people, in new environment. I want to start fresh. Just lemme start it fresh – akan suka atau tidak: itu belakang kira – I’ll deal with it.. later.


  1. Neeza,
    i got battery operated tooth brush for my boy just for Rm20++. Colgate maa... hahahah.. jenuh carik mcm Zahra tapi tak jumpe pun..
    Apa pun, settle satu problem nak memberus gigi budak kecik yg tak berapa kecik tu skrg.. tup2 dia lak yg request utk di gosokkkan giginya b4 mandi..;)

    Thanks for ur tips!

  2. Ealyie : welcome.. guess what? tgk Zahra suka sangat ngan toothbrush tu, i pun beli satu untuk i.. memang best la - tapi rasa macam ngilu-ngilu tampal gigi pun ada gk.. hehhehe