Selasa, 28 April 2009

Review: Babywearing

I’ve reviewed breastpumps and cloth diapers. So, to wrap my journey in AP, I’d like to review the carriers that I’ve owned and been using all this while.

I started to wear Zahra when she’s at 2-3 months. She loves to be carried – tido pun nak dukung-dukung – so I bought those crotch carrier (brand Chicco) and wore her until my pinggang jadi sakit-sakit - I carried her most of the time: while doing the house chores, trying to put her to sleep, while breastfeeding her. Too bad no photo – we’re not yet buy the camera at that time. When Zahra reach 5 months, she doesn’t like to be in the carrier – not comfortable I guess – so, till now, the carrier was left in the store room. Sorry no picture – malas nak geledah stor (nanti Mr Hubs bising.. heheheh).

When I was diagnosed with my second pregnancy, Zahra became very clingy – orang cakap sebab nak dapat adik, dia jadi mengada skit – and she’s started back with her previous habit – wanted to be carried: most of the time. I’m still active in the forum at that time and came across with babywearing topic and realized that this is the tool that I’ve been searching to carry Zahra. I then bought the second carrier – a wrap, MobyWrap to be exact. She hated it at first, but then still wanted to be carried, so I made a mandatory, either I carry you using the wrap or you down on the floor, dan sebab nak berdukung punya pasal, akhirnya dia mengalah dan menerima untuk duduk dalam wrap. I love the wrap, cuma kain dia sangat panjang (I have to pre-wrap at home: kalo nak wrap kat destination nanti amik masa and the kain will touch the floor) and Moby is more suitable for newborn not for toddler (Zahra was 1y8m at that time). So, I bought another wrap: the Ellaroo Maija. Best sangat – soft yet sturdy, but too bad I only use it couple of time as I discovered other carrier that is much more practical – the pouch.

My third carrier is the pouch - I bought the hotslings. Oh, this carrier is very convenient – very easy to use and very easy to bring here and there – just put it in the bag. It’s a simple piece of cloth basically – I think they got the idea from those Indonesian ladies yang carry their LO pakai kain batik tu.. hehehe. I have 3 pouches – 2 hotslings and another one is DIY. Seronok ada banyak pouch ni – one I put in the car, one in tingkat bawah and another one kat tingkat atas. So bila nak pakai, capai jer.. ekekek. Yang tak best pasal pouch ni sebab ia ikut saiz tertentu so if like me yang suddenly jadi gemuk, I can’t fit with my first hotslings – nasibla dah ada the new hotslings and the DIY pouch.

The fourth carrier that I’ve owned is the ringsling. Ringsling is just like the pouch but adjustable – pouch basically came in sizes. I bought from the local store – Jumpsac. However, Zahra don’t like it. I don’t know why, she refuses to be in it – cry like kena cubit if I wanna carry her in this carrier. So, I just put it in the car (thought of using it, in case I forget to bring my pouch eventho I knew she hate it).

The last carrier and the best that I’ve ever own is (drumroll…) of course the Ergo – it’s a SSC. DH loves it, me loves it, Zahra just loves to sleep in it. Berbaloi la, tak rugi beli.. even color pink sekali pun. Heheh.

So, for record, I have:
A crotch carrier
3 pouchs
2 wraps
A ringslings

What I don’t have is the MeiTai. Don’t even intent to buy one – sebab I think dia macam sama je ngan SSC cuma kena lilit dan ikat – which for me, SSC’s better, tapi tak tahu la if nanti I have a newborn I’ll interested to own a MeiTai– erm, again, maybe not, because I’ll already have wraps to be used with newborn. Well, 8 are enuff - 8 is a good number.. heheheh..

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  1. An,

    Yang akhir sekali .. ERGO tue mana nak carik?? Minat lak pulak ..ada link tak?

  2. An.. ku tengah usha nak beli pouch la.. penin.. la
    u pakai hotslings... beli thru ebay ker... ker link lain..

  3. Ehem: An dulu beli kat website Previously, carrier ergo ni tak bole dijual diluar US, sekarang dah bole. kalo nak murah melambak jer kat ebay - dengarnya kat bebeshop bangsar pun ada jual.

    Nadnye: kalo kat msia ni ada jual hotsling. An beli kat ebay sbb murah - dah masuk shipping pun still murah.. heheheh.