Sabtu, 22 Ogos 2009

Pertama Ramadhan ini

Kami baru lepas bersahur - sementara menanti masa untuk Solat Subuh.
My mil condition has improved a lot, since we arrived at 5 yesterday. Waktu sampai tu cuak juga tengok - she seems cannot make it to today. But seeing her condition last night and just now, Alhamdullillah.

I have to admit that ini adalah pertama kali aku menyambut 1st Ramadhan at my in law house. We've been married for three years: 1st year, for 1st week, I fasted alone back in the rumah sewa: Mat was away, working at Myanmar. I was pregnant Zahra at that time. 2nd year, we celebrated 1st Ramadhan at my sil house in Kemaman. Next year, it looks like we have to go back to Ipoh for 1st Ramadhan.

To my customers, since I'm not at home this weekend, so I'll be away with my precious machine, thus, I'm not be able to make any of your orders. Therefore, the delivery might be delayed - which some of you I promised to get it done by Monday. I hope its okey with all of you, if anything email me, ya.

3 ulasan:

  1. huhuhuh .. sedey.. i never had raya at my place.. huhuhuhuhu you are one lucky lady

  2. zura, tak pe tahun ni cuba 'merajuk' skit nak raya kat umah sendiri.. ekekek

  3. merajuk never works for me.. sometimes dia tak tau pun kita ni merajuk .. so .. penat je i berlakon.. :P