Jumaat, 11 Disember 2009

Cute token from the State

Previously I joined a contest organized by ErgoBaby but unfortunately I won nothing.

But surprise, surprise, even though I lost, the ErgoBaby contacted me and asking for my add. They said that they have small gift to gift to me. And today the little gift arrived.

They gave me coin purse-s, with an s, because I received not one but FIVE. Cool huh? I wonder what I'm going to do with that coin purses. A blog giftaway (?)..

And the new Ergobaby Organic Heart-to-Heart is absolutely yummy...

5 ulasan:

  1. Wow...dapat something jugak dari contest tu. bestnya.. :D

  2. Aishah, haah.. mcm tak sangka jer.. tak rugi betul join :-)

  3. haaaa.. neeza dh bula 'gatal tangan' nak rembat ergo lagih.. teehehehe.. :P

  4. ira, tgu apa lagi??? hehehhe

  5. alaaa.. tak yah la give away, bagi way kee..
    hulur je la kat saya..
    (heheh..wat muka tak malu)