Ahad, 13 Disember 2009

Maternity dress

..or top, or tunic, whatever you called it.

I made a maternity dress for me today. Finally, after making Zahra's bajus from one weekends to another weekends.

Front view:

Back view:

Taken from this pattern:
with slight modification on sleeves (I made it long sleeves instead of 3 quarter) and the sleeves was tide using elastic thread instead using bias tape.

This is like first time for everything:
  1. The fabric used was chiffon. So, you can imagine how 'easy' to sew them. And its getting 'easier' each time the thread from the fabric start to coming out.
  2. At first I sewn the edge using the overlock machine later to realize its looks odd together with an unmatch thread. Thus, I used the rolled-hem foot for its edge finish.
  3. Chiffon is a very transparent fabric. So, I have to sew lining. Well, the lining is much easier to sew because its cotton but I omitted lining on the sleeves. Thus, I still have to wear inner to cover my hand.

I started cutting the fabric at noon and finished everything by 4pm. The chiffon fabric was bought at Kamdar for rm8 per metre. The outcomes was not that satisfying- looks very amateurish - however I'm still going to wear it to work tomorrow.. heheh.

Well, last but not least:

Enjoy ur Sunday people... :)

3 ulasan:

  1. envy..envy..hahah! tahniah, 1st time but it looks good. well done (^o^)//

    masa lynn ngandungkan muaz pun ada try buat something yg mcm akak nyer ni. tapi encik suami sudah campur tangan, lalu tersangat la peliknye hasil akhir baju ku itu. tatau nak wat apa dah, nak pakai? oh nooo!!!

    kesian baju tu..tgh tunggu turn utk di-recycle ;p

    aritu baca kat burdastyle, kalu kain licin boleh di-handle dgn starch spray. try la :)

  2. Tq.. tq.. heheh.. Wow, ur hubs pon bole menjahit, cayalah. My DH mmg buta everything pasal jahit-jahit ni.. heheh.

    Yup, one of my books did mention pasal starch spray and ada tu bg tips ckp pakai je self-made starch. I did remember my mom dulu suka iron baju sekolah weol dengan kanji, but never bother to learn how to make the kanji. I think that kanji can be use to keraskan the fabric.

    Nanti nak tanya my mom la resepi buat kanji kain (kalo dia still ingat la) because now pakai ironing aid je kalo nak menggosok dgn licin.


  3. mak lynn dulu pun buat sendiri je kanji. sbb uniform tentera abah dulu nak kena licin licau, yg jenis kalo tepi lengan baju kena jari sure luka punye..haha!

    suami lynn mmg suka m'jahit, langsir umah ni dia yg buat. ni kira isteri ikut suami la..haa..(tapi baju pompuan jgn harap).