Ahad, 13 Disember 2009

Weekend activity

This weekend is a bit long weekend. And its totally the same as last week - which is we go nowhere- just staying at home. However, my parent did came from Ipoh, so rasa best jugak la walopon tidak ke mana-mana.

And sometimes I like staying home for weekends - bole kemas rumah, ubahsuai kedudukan bilik tido, dan juga bole menjahit.. ngeee...

And today, as planned last week, I've made myself a maternity top:

Details can be read here.

Ok, esok dah kerja. Nak siap-siapkan apa yang patut. Last but not least, any weekend spent sewing is the best weekend of all. Hehehe...

Happy weekdays (starting tomoro), people :-)


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