Sabtu, 19 Disember 2009

Mini sewing machine

a.k.a. hand machine, mesin jahit stapler, mini mesin jahit.

I've heard about this mesin jahit bersaiz stapler when both my parent went for Hajj, that would be somewhere in 2007. At that time I was actively involved in eBay and one of the seller (originated from China) which I bought cloth diapers, did display this stapler sewing machine as one of his items for sale. At first I was interested to have one, but after reading reviews from other people regarding the item, I managed not to buy even the price offer was so cheap- rm5 each. People commented that this item is useless, can't functioning, will eventually rosakkan your fabric, and other comments that makes me scared to own one.

And to my surprise, I found this mini stapler sewing machine at my MIL sewing studio (which has been left unattended for quite sometimes).
I asked my SIL weather this machine functioning or not, and she replied, 'Ntah, dah rosak kot'. Since I have nothing to do, so godek-godek the item and wow, it did functioning. Quite impressive. For me, it's very easy to use, and have quite durable stitches. For someone who doesn't know how to hand-stitch or doesn't like to sew by hand, than this would be an alternative. You just put the thread accordingly, put the fabric and press (like a stapler) and voila, you'll master it.

I think every house should have one- good for mending/repair baju yang koyak / terbetas.

The stitches look like this:

And of course, with a machine that as small as a stapler, don't ever wish to sew a baju. You'll break every pieces of it. :)

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  1. stapler machine ni husband lynn ada beli tahun lepas. nak jahit kaki seluar yg tertetas. beli kat pasar malam, rm10. nice la jahitannye, cuma time consuming, terketip-ketip. bleh la utk emergency use, contohnye masa balik kampung or bercuti.

  2. Hi! I just bought a mini sewing machine, but i just realized i don't really know how to use it. Could you please enlighten me? I don't really know how to thread it nor how to start stitching. I've scoured the internet for answers to no avail. I am desperate. . Thank you so much!!!:D

  3. Yey! Thanks Elenor! What would your youtube channel be?:D