Ahad, 20 Disember 2009

Round-collar dress

This is today sewing project. Another dress for Zahra to wear at the nursery.

Seems that everybody (most of the blogs that I read) are making this kind of dress for their daughter, so I thought of giving myself a try. Eventho, its a little bit senget here and there, but I can say that I'm still proud of myself because I sewn this totally depending on the picture that I see: without pattern nor baju contoh. Clap-clap for myself.. ngee..

The fabric used was cotton flannel, bought at Kajang for rm4 per metre.

Last but not least, my baby (dalam keterpaksaan.. hehehe.. ops, don't get me wrong, she loves the dress but against the idea of tangkap-tangkap gamba ni..) wearing the dress:

Ok people, Happy Working tomorrow.

6 ulasan:

  1. neeza, cute result! I wish i know how to wing it, jimat sikit huhu

  2. wow..great job.. clap clap clap.. love the cute lembu prints.. i am hopeless at sewing clothes from scratch or reading clothing patterns.. at the moment i only attempt refashioning..hopefully one day I'll brave the sewing clothings as well.. Well done!!

  3. Zura, My Botang,

    thanks for liking the dress, tapi punyala penat berfikir macamana nak jahit, sampai lembu pon terbalik.. heheh..

  4. neeza,
    claps(100x). wow, without any patterns tapi resultnya sangat bagus.

  5. wow,cantiknya dress ni..nk try jg.tp nk kena tgk tutorial lah...kalau tk,tkut xjd