Rabu, 23 Disember 2009

Simple A-line Dress

I sewn this baju last night, and snapping some of the steps in order to make a little tutorial, and it turns out to be a very bad idea because fabric chosen was so hard to be captured by the camera. Plus both the wrong and the right side of the fabric having distinctive printed.

However, since I've already make one, and do not want to waste it, I put it here as well for your references (open your eyes widely, readers.. heheh). This is based on my own style: which is very amateur, and I bet you can come out with better looking dress. :-)

First, I drew what I wanted to sew in my sewing moleskin (so that, I get the picture and not misguided).

This is the front top: the upper one is the top, and the below tu adalah lapik belakang (by sewing the pelapik, you dont have to jahit tepi all the curve-parts and tak perlu jahit bias jugak).

Jahit the curve-parts together: leher and the lengan.

Dan selepas jahit, terbalikkan the kain dan iron bagi kemas:

Btw, you have to sew the right side (bahagian kain bercorak) facing together, so that bila diterbalikkan, both wrong side (bahagian tanpa corak) will be inside.

This is the belakang top. Being cut into two pieces (with an inch extra) so that can sew the buttons or zip.

Again, sew with the right-side facing each other at the curve-parts (lengan and leher). Then terbalikkan and iron. Then, what you'll do with the extra part is to fold until you'll find it overlapping each other. Pin both of the fabrics together, then jahit bagi kemas.

Join the sleeves then sew both sleeves together.

As for skirt, the back part is just a simple a-line while the front is a slight bigger so that, can make a simple pleat at the middle.

After sewing the whole thing, then join-together the front part and the back part. Then, jahit tepi the whole stuffs.

And since I'm so lazy to sew the buttons and the buttonholes, I just use the snap prong as the back buttons.

Dah siap:

Totally a simple A-line dress. But to make it more presentable, you can put ribbons, laces, decorative buttons or different colors of fabrics.

Selamat Mencuba :-)

p/s: I know it's a bad-and-not-up-to-the-standard tutorial and sewing style. Sorry for that, and thank you for reading.

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  1. These look quite simple. i should try it. Thanks for the toturial :)

  2. ala akak ni, merendah diri cenggitu plak..effort nak wat tutor je dah kira A++, siap gambar and every tidbits. okay la tu, we all yg kena say thanks to u :)

  3. neeza, ni dah boleh jadi designer ni :) looks easy, boleh cuba. tapi I ni bab pattern drafting fail haha....neeza buat dalam saiz berapa ya?

  4. Dura, yups its indeed very simple. dalam sejam bole siap.. hehehhe..
    Lynn, hehehe.. tapi memang tak up la tutorial itu, sebab susah nya nak tengok dan membezakan kain..
    Zura, hehehe.. my dark ambition la tu nak jadi designer.. ekekek.
    I menjahit selalunya tak depends on pattern given but more on my DD size. so dah ukur badan dia siap-siap, then cut fabric regarding the ukuran.. so, size brapa tu tak dapat la nak jawab.. :)

  5. slm neeza..
    seronok sgt baca blog neeza..
    btw kat bhg leher tu macamana buatnya?nak tryla buat.