Ahad, 6 Disember 2009

The first dress

I never thought that one day I'll be able to sew a dress for my DD, but today I just did.

This is the dress that I sew:

Inspired by this pattern (but obviously with slight modification) from the Chinese book that I bought recently at the fair.

The modification that I made was making a pleat on the front neck as well as on the both sleeves and fasten it with buttons.

I supposed to sew buttons on the back however again settling with snap prong. I guessed I've fall in love with these snap prongs type of button as it is easy to install compare to sew the buttons and the buttonholes.

And this is my baby wearing the dress. Peace.

Hey, not to near la..

The dress might not look very up to the standard but for first timer, I still proud of myself. By the way, I start cutting the fabric at 2pm and finished everything by 7pm (a lot of distraction like hari hujan kena angkat kain and others came from Zahra). The fabric again was bought at Kamdar for rm6 per metre. I think after this I'll have gut to buy expensive fabric.. :D

5 ulasan:

  1. hi neeza! just wanna say that dress is gorgeous! and looks so sweet on Zahra, I can't believe this is the first dress you sewed! even the kain is very pretty to me, i think you have very good eye for colours. well done! :)

  2. well done sis!!

    bila boleh nak jahit baju plak nih...

  3. Zura, thank you :D.. ngee..
    Yus, thanks. Cari la masa jahit baju, asik jahit tudung jer.. hehehe.. tapi akak pon tak penah jahit tudung langsung..

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