Selasa, 29 Disember 2009

The power of blogging

I’ve been sewing for quite sometime, started somewhere in 2008 when I first bought the pre-loved Classic Singer, which most of what I’ve sewn was the baju kurung, and just very recent, I started to make a blog dedicated for my passion.

The intention of this blog was to keep track on what I’ve sewn, either the cloths/attires were perfectly sewn or terribly done. Never had I imagined that having this blog is more than that. I got to join the international exchange, changing my sewing perspective with others, and far more important is I get lots of friends that share the same interest.

The great thing when we’re making friends is that we’re able to help each other. So, big thanks goes to Jessie, for calling me when she went to the Cratfworld, PJ, asking me if I need to buy anything there, and finally go into the hassle to post to me the stuff that I wanted, eventho, we just a cyber-friend.

So, this is my new sewing gadget: The fusible bias tape maker. I bought two different sizes: 9mm and 18mm.

Will review abut the products later when I’ve done godek-godek.

I am happy, You people: have a nice day ahead. :-)

3 ulasan:

  1. wah-wah-wahhh..gadget! best :) jgn lupa review taw.

  2. Lynn, yup nnt akan direview. wait n c.. :)
    Nad, kawan sy beli di Craftworld PJ for rm31 each.