Ahad, 10 Januari 2010

One romper, one dress..

same fabric. For who else? My DD- Doreaemon #1 fan. :-)

The romper:

- I used the snap prong buttons just like the commercial romper and bias tape to neaten and encase the raw edges.

The dress:

- I have to admit that I falling in love with the bias tape maker. So again, I used bias binding on this dress. And for the sleeves, the edge was sewn using the overlock effect.

OK, thats all for this week. I think I've sewn enuff cloth for Zahra. Next projects would be for the belly baby. Hehehe.. The lists are getting longer, and yet I haven't start any.

OK peeps, I see u when I see u. Have a nice day ahead :-)

8 ulasan:

  1. cutenyer.. very neat workmanship.. and the fabric is very nice..

  2. wah... series comel & sangat kemas....

  3. sangat comel dan cuuuuteeee!!!

  4. kemasnya jahitan awk,cantik sgt!!

  5. ini ke kain yg lynn teka "baju utk zahra"? hehe...

  6. Thanks all, :-)..

    my hubby pon said that my sewing skill dah improve a lot: kemas dan bersih.. :D

    "a lot of practice, make perfect".. i couldn't agree more. but still lots more to learn.

  7. cutenya.kat mana nak cari snap prong ni ye?