Selasa, 9 Februari 2010

How to make Ruffles

..or gathering, ropol, whatever you call it :) - Manually

Yup, all this while I've been doing it manually, too afraid to play with the sewing machine tension plus I don't have any gathering nor ruffler foot.

OK, this is how to make it:
1. Prepare the fabric that you wanna gathered by ironing it first.

2. Begin machine sewing (straight long stitches) about 1/2 inches from the side edge - don't backstitch or knot, simply let the stitch free.

3. At the end of stitching, leave a tread tail at about 6 inches.

4. Untangle the both thread using seam ripper.

5. So now, you have two set of free-threads. One from the top thread and one from the bobbin thread.

6. The functional thread is the bobbin tread. Pull that thread slowly to form a gather with one hand and another hand holding the fabric firmly. Do this with extra careful as you do not wanna breaking the thread.

7. Gently continue to gather the fabric until the whole ruffles was created. When finished, smooth out the gathers so that they're even. Make a knot at the end of the fabric when the whole gathering with the required length was made.

8. When the above steps are done, you can move on to your next sewing step.

9. The final outcome:

OK, that's all. Hope this help. But if you still don't get this, you can read book instruction from here.

I like ruffles very much. They put 'something' on your handmade stuff.

To you peeps, Selamat mencuba :-)

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  1. salam,

    akak tak keje ke? sempat plak buat pos ni..slalunye malam or weekends :)

    i loike ruffles too (^o^)//

  2. Lynn, wah bole baca eh? haah, akak cuti, nak berehat skit (sambil menjahit).. ekekek

  3. wah..i loike! tenkiu2...pasni bley wat ruffles ngan hati gumbira!

  4. thanks a lot

    i like it so much