Selasa, 23 Mac 2010

And the lucky one is..

OK, the moment that everybody (I mean the participants) are waiting for:

The result of 100th entry special giveaway:

I have 38 participants, that is:

1. Lynn Nasir
2. Nomaliza
3. ajnie's
4. Sweetlilcraft
5. Cik Puan Gaban
6. misa
7. Aisyah
8. mis
9. Azaidris
10. imanmom
11. shafri
12. dizcomel
13. syazwi-aljabri
14. mommy icha
15. ainiayu
16. Zura
17. Em's Family
18. azee
19. Ira
20. ::Mamalyna::
21. Asya
22. aZuRa AhMaD
23. ummie_mirahaziq
24. zai kulim
25. rosilah
26. lia
27. anin
28. nia
29. syakila
30. Nana
31. izan cute
33. ogy
34. izzati ismail
35. i.euphoria
36. zu_e9
37. Nurul + Nordin
38. taufidris

And let’s see who the lucky one is:
The bullets

Put it in the box:

Shake.. shake.. pudding:

And the winner of the Olfa 28mm Ratory cutter goes to NUMBER:

Congratulation to the winner and Thank you all for participated in this giftaway. I’ll contact the winner sooner for your address. For the rest who does not win, well, best luck next time (yup, I’ll be conducting such giveaway sooner (just watch my blog, ok)).

Have a nice day and I love you, people :-)

4 ulasan:

  1. Tahniah pada pemenang nya ye...
    untuk tuan Blog..tima kasih sudi buat giveaway ni..
    nnti wat la lagi..hehehe... :)

  2. Congrats to the winner..
    Will be waiting 4 d nxt givreaway ;)

  3. Arghh!!kecewanya....kenapa tak no 24+2,barulah i bleh menang...hehe..anyway,congrats to the winner..

  4. tak per, bole cuba lagi in the nx giveaway.. insya Allah, somewhere in nx month. :-)

    thanks for joining, anyway..