Rabu, 24 Mac 2010

The baju kurung(s)

These are what I sewed for the last two weeks. I was about to up these in the blog but was waiting for the mannequin to return home as 'she' went to my friend house who wanted to snap some pictures on few baju that she's selling online. But since she said that she'll be returning the mannequin by this weekends, I guess I just snap the baju kurung(s) pictures without the mannequin as I wanted to handover the them to the owner soon.

To the owner: Thank you for your support, and I am glad you like it :-)

The seamstress note:
I'll be putting anything that I've sewed for my customer(s) in this blog as my personal portfolio. I guess you'll see lots of baju kurungs coming up in the next post.

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