Khamis, 25 Mac 2010

Industrial Sewing Machine

Also known as the artisan.

OK, I’ve been using the machine for nearly a month now, and I believe that the time is sufficient enough for me to make a little review on the machine.

So, this is my machine:

Not Singer nor Brother, not even Juki but Jack (you jump, I jump.. hahaha). Why I settled with Jack (even I was eyeing for Singer 20U), is because:
I don’t know which high speed s/m is good. Thus, when I went to the shop (in Kajang), asking for the shopkeeper opinion, she said that mostly high speed machine basically has the same function: powerful speed compared to domestic sewing machine and was made in China [just like the black pedaled sewing machine that comes with cabinet which have various type of brands but same function].

A few brands was suggested by her: Siruba if you wanna the cheapest high speed s/m; Juki, was made in Japan; Singer and Brother for higher second hand value (that’s explained why their current price is quite high) and Jack, intermediate price but the most noiseless high speed machine. I was amazed that the motor doesn’t seem to have this annoying humming sound like my MIL’s high speed Singer. So, I opted for Jack because the machine is truly senyap. Besides that, the speed of the machine even though the max it can go is up to 5000 stitches per min, but can be adjusted to as low as 2000 stitches per minutes, so it'll become not that fast.

I bought this machine with the price of 1.4k, and it comes with basic tools (various size of screwdrivers, fius(? Donno what this is),
three bobbins and 10 set of extra needles and the generous seller gave me (by request eventually) another 10 set of extra needles (good brand, according to her), a zipper foot and a concealed zipper foot.
And seem the seller is very kind, I bought another 10 extra bobbins, a rolled hem foot and a ruffle foot. There's more extra feet for artisan which you can refer to Niah's blog (i think she have all kind of feet).

OK, back to the machine: I was tempted to own a high speed s/m:
1. I am in need to have a speed sewing machine. The Singer 7444 is ok, not that slow essentially but not for heavy duty usage either. Well, you know that I bought the machine not from here, so I’m afraid that if anything happen to the 7444, then I’ll be doom (touch wood.. touch wood).
2. I’ve been using my MIL sewing machine and am so in love with its wide working space. To sew a baju kurung (the things that makes me occupy in my studio, lately) needs really a wide working space, especially when sewing the kain.

3. A freak hobby that needs no explanation (I was once obsessed with breastfeeding and kept on trying buying the best brand of breastpumps offered in the market: ye, Giler!)

Ok peeps, that’s all. Oh, you might wonder what happen to my 7444?
Well, she still served me perfectly, especially when I need to sew buttons, buttonholes, blind-hems, and other decorative stitches. Nope, she’s not for sale, obviously.


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  1. Thanks for the useful review neeza.. maybe we should all post a lil review of our machines kan.. senang if other sewists are thinking of purchasing certain type/brand to make comparison etc..

  2. thanks for the review.
    this is definitely top of my wish list. mcm best jer, esp. kat 'senyap' tu dan 'not fast mode' tu.

  3. Sue, yeah, i think everybody who own a s/m should make a little review.. best ke tak best.. senang sesiapa nak buat survey sblm membeli..
    Dura, for the time being, s/m ini mmg sgt best.. :)

  4. tq..

    yapp.. bab 'fast mode' boleh di adjust yg penting..

  5. misa,

    bab tu memang sgt best sbb la tertakut-takut nak menekan pedal kaki tu..

  6. Hey nice.. I think it's better than Singer right.. jeez dah terbeli Singer.. -____-

  7. thanks for the review ive been looking for review about this machine since im really planning to buy one.
    Thank you for your inputs.

    followed your blog.