Khamis, 25 Mac 2010

Update.. update..

I've reached 30 weeks by this week. So, now I have more or less than 10 weeks, before he pop-out. Teruja.. teruja.. Obviously, berat adalah sangat berat and the stomach is sooo besar. Mat even said to me, 'Saiz perut awak ni sama macam hari awak nak bersalinkan Zahra', when I told him that I've just entered the third trimester. Sekarang pon dah start rasa tak selesa and I hope he stay longer in there sebab Umi nak siapkan dulu apa yang patut (tempahan menjahit itu..) hahaha.. And, yeah, the 'milk factory' have already start producing as I can spot the colostrum coming out (bit by bit) when having my shower. Looking forward to have smooth sails breastfeeding journey with this baby just like what I'd experienced with Zahra.

OK, what we did last weekend? Nothing much, just like the rest of the Putrajayan, we went to see the Balloon. Last year tak pergi, so, its kinda new experienced for us, for Zahra certainly. Suka dia tengok balloon, but bila tanya nak naik tak? Cepat-cepat cakap, 'tak nak.. takut'. Heheh.. Petang Jumaat pergi (while going to the pasar malam) and malam Sabtu pon pergi jugak sebab nak tengok the Fireworks. The traffics was disaster, luckily weol naik motor jer. Heheh..

On the other story, mybbstore and littlewhiz tengah sale sekarang ni. And, yes.. I heart online shopping very much. So, for the past few weeks, I've been received parcels mostly everyweeks. Ternyata barang beli sendiri la, tak de sapa nak kasik hadiah pon but, still seronok (teruja yang melampau..) hahah. And, just very recent, I received parcels from mybbstore - bought some sleeping bra(s) and bottles. Yeah, botol adalah satu barang baby yang ada tarikan tersendiri nyer. I just love buying them, tak pernah rasa cukup dengan apa yang ada- sebab tamak kot. Heheh.. This time around I bought glass bottles.
At first dah tengok this type of bottles kat Mothercare BSC hari tu, tapi tak beli sebab was sort of like contemplating.. nak ke tak nak. Then when browsing around the online store trus rasa nak beli la, sebab I remembered, EBM ni berminyak-minyak tau.. kalo pakai plastic bottle jenuh la nak sental menyental. Cleaning and washing baby bottles at that time adalah sangat menyampahnyer. Dah la everyday hantar like 4-5 bottles ebm to the taska. Hohoh.. I hate the cleaning job at that time. So, this time around harap OK, dengan penggunaan glass bottles.

And the sleeping/nursing bra,
I senses that it is quite essential for me to wear bra 24-7 because.. huhuh, the bo*bs so big and I'm afraid if I just let it hanging freely, it will sag sooner.. Hahaha.. What an imagination, but this is scary la, peeps. Imagine having a breast that the nipples are able to touch your own belly button.. whoa! So, no more braless at home. Previously, I've bought the expensive Mothercare sleepbra (rm114 for 2psc) and found out that its very comfortable. But this sleepbra(s) are so cheap (rm23 each) I doubt will it works wonder like the Mothercare's? Tak pe, if tak best nnt buat review.

And about the Zahra new bed, I've been received a lot of question regarding it. Well, the bed was bought at Home Living in Shah Alam, which they have an offer price at that time- selling price was rm888, while the real price was rm1800(more or less) if I not mistaken. Yeap, it did came with the tilam(s) as well. And the katil is so best, I tell you, and I recommended for you to buy it (of course during sale la..)

Ok, I think thats all for the time being. I'll write again when rajin. heheheh..

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  1. salam kak,

    seronoknye bila terkenangkan preparation nak sambut bb baru..hai..tak kisah pun kuar duit kan, rezeki bb la tu..blum lahir lg dah byk brg dia :) take care ok, rasanya akak ni b'salin awal :p

  2. aku br beli botol kaca few weeks back, tapi dah pecah kahfi bg jatuh :(

    got something for u :) sila claim kat just10 yg br smpai dr london tu ye hihi..