Jumaat, 19 Mac 2010

Babywearing: the fever returns..

Hohoh.. kind of.. ekekeke. Well one thing that excite me on having a new baby is to start everything all over again: breastfeeding, babywearing, sleepless night, yada.. yada..

So, these are some of the new gear that I've got for baby and some that I plan to sew(?!).. huhuh.. :

1. Ergo Heart2heart infant insert

- I was about to order this from one of our local online store, but someone in the FB pointed out that the Cloth Diaper and Babywearing store owned by TinyTapir, located in Bangsar Village is selling them. Thus, I went there just to get this gear. And to my surprise, the insert was lot cheaper than the one selling in other online store and I am glad to drop to TinyTapir to buy it (beza rm50 tu..). And when i was at the shop, I did browse tru few other babywearing gears and was amazed on our local JUMPSAC Baby carrier (- the ringslings). Their presentation was so good if I am not familiar with babywearing gears/brands, I might assume that this brand is not from the local. 'Kudos Syaz! Standard oversea tu...'

2. Medley Satin Wrap

I bought this wrap from Adriana. I've already owned a MobyWrap, and an Ellaroo, but I sold off the Ellaroo because I felt that the fabric texture is a bit harsh (like the Sarawak's kain pua) and thick, which is in my own opinion not suitable for baby delicate skin and the hot Malaysia weather. As for this wrap, I don't know why I chose Medley but I felt the texture previously during the babywearing gathering and was somehow kinda in love to own it.. hahah.. weird huh?

3. Mei tai

Ive planned to sew them. Hahah.. Already bought the ringslings from Jezz. Mei Tai with a ringslings? Yup, that's what I planned to sew. Known as the Onbuhimu. Well, well see the outcome ya.

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  1. i know what ONBUHIMO means coz that japanese!

  2. Amboi nak buat Onbu ke? Buat lebih la pass satu kat Aishah..hehehehe