Khamis, 18 Mac 2010

Looking forward to go abroad

Cheh.. tajuk..


I went for an interview last Monday. Something work-related that I wanted to put my carrier a step ahead: obviously, seeing myself getting promoted to much higher level is not in my list (at least for the time being) as I am a bit reluctant to hold the responsibility (I foresee myself as a mother rather than a full-time microbiologist).

Well, nothing much that I wanna say about the whole interview process but I discovered that I have an interview habits that I think other people will get annoyed with me. Heheheh.. that is I don't talk to other candidates. Called me snobbish, or arrogant but I simply can't talk to you people. Its not the time for us to get to know each other as I wanted to focus on me, myself.

What I normally do during my interview:
1. Bought a newspaper- The Star- basically, and will read it sentence by sentence. Not that I want to equip myself with the current situation but more on to sharpen my English (in case, the interview will be conducted in our second national language). Thus, I need my own concentration rather than sembang-sembang kosong with other candidates.
2. Having myself aware with what I am going to talk during the interview by preparing my own mock questions: which later I found this very handy as I know what I am going to talk (or goreng) and will not going out of the topic (merepek-repek tak tentu hala).
3. Straight going back home after my interview session as I need to slow down my adrenaline pumping and I don't see any point for me to having staying there and sharing my experience with other people as everyone will go tru different experience, I guess (hahah.. kiasu).

Apa pon, I am hoping for the best, but with this kinda economy fluctuation I don't think the government is afford to send me away to pursue my degree. Well, we'll see then.

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