Khamis, 18 Mac 2010

Semua pon untuk 'kakak'

OK, besides a new bed, we bought a new car seat for Zahra. Actually, we’re contemplating in either buying another car seat or a bolster sit, however ended up with the new car seat, instead. For me, the sitted shells of a bolster sit is not supportive enough, in the sense of its curving: kesian kalo tertido akan terangguk-angguk gelong-gelong gitu. I need to buy something yang ergonomic sebab kampong dah la jauh, kalo tak selesa, sakit badan la pulak nanti.. then very kesian.

So, the old one bole la diwariskan untuk adik. Hehehe.

Btw, thanks to shilashower for highlighting about the ‘biggest’ Mothercare in Malaysia that having a sale right now in her blog. I was on leave yesterday just for the purposed of going to BSC Mothercare to buy the carseat. And after spending like an hour in BSC (I don’t fancy this shopping mall: not my type of mall but we did dropby to the Apple shop and now I am so attracted to own the 3gS.. haiyah..), we off to Bangsar Village to get something for the baby: finally. But before that, since I was tired to dukung Zahra, we dropped in the Toy’r’Us and she got a new buggy stroller. This is indeed a life saver. I couldn’t imagine seeing myself wearing her with this extended stomach, and she seems very happy sitting in the new-umbrella-folded-stroller.

The new and old car-seats, and the pink buggy stroller (which later we went to the Baskin Robbin and get a scoop free because wearing something pink.. ngee) :-) :

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