Khamis, 18 Mac 2010

The new katil

We bought new katil for Zahra as the king size bed no longer fit the three of us plus there’ll be new additional bed member on June.

At first I wanted to buy girlie bed for her, but then thinking that she’ll be outgrown the bed (and the bed not cheap you know),
so we just settled with the 5 in 1 pull out bed (which is so convenient and, practical with reasonable offer price).

We put the new bed beside our king size bed, thus it makes our bed spacious. Zahra normally sleep between the both of us, but now with her new bed, she doesn’t wanna sleep with us anymore. She wants to sleep on her own bed. Hua.. aku pulak yang sedih (sort of la) sebab losing my ‘bantal masam’. Heheh..

And btw, ada jugak kawan yang comments why don’t I put Zahra on the other room or simply shift the bed a side? Well, I am a big fan of AP however, pada aku, Zahra is still small to sleep on her own. Even though she’s no longer waking up at night for drink but I still couldn’t bear seeing her sleeping alone even she seems able to do that. Lagi pon masa di bilik tido la masa dia bersama kami after a long 8 hours at the taska.

My 'bantal masam' with her new bed:

4 ulasan:

  1. beb, yg ni katil kat MACY tu ke?

  2. hmm.. aku pon plan nak beli katil camni je utk ayna bila masuk rumah baru nnti.. ^^

  3. lawa ira,aku tengok dah kat MACY..tapi nabil dah ada queen bed so takde chance a yg cenggini..dia save space la, bagus..

  4. waaa seronoknya zahra ada katil baru.. we were looking for katil baru untuk our zahraa jugak, and was thinking a pull out jugak!! well.. looks like i have a testimonial here. heheheh thanks..