Khamis, 11 Mac 2010

The long hiatus

Hi peeps. It’s been a week I haven’t put anything in this blog. Well, nothing much on sewing update as my studio was hit with a tragic event: the room’s roof was leaked thus water (from the heavy rain) came pouring in. Thank God everything is in perfect shape (the machines still running perfectly, no fabrics loss, and such) except that few books has gone out of shape (but still readable).

As everything gone OK, now, I’m back on my sewing track. Too much thing to do, too little time as I have less that 3 months left before the baby gonna pop out, and yet my ‘to sew list’ still lengthy: 4 adult baju kurungs, a jubah, 2 maternity gowns, few cloth panty liners, and a pants.

Talking about the cloth panty-liners, this is my version of it:

Using plain flannel fabric, sandwiched with soft cotton and button up with snap prong. No PUL fabric was used (thus not suitable for menstrual usage).

So, with the above lists, I guess I have to stop taking order from people from now on. But no worry for those who has contacted me tru email/sms which I have given my word that I’ll sew for you, the deal still on (so does the queue.. heheh). I hope you guys understand. :-)

And also, for those asking me to make tutorial on this and that, insya Allah, I’ll entertain your request if I’ll make one. The upcoming tutorial is on how to sew baju kurung. Just wait for it ya. :-)

Last but not least, Me, approaching 29 weeks:

Happy Thursday people and have a great day ahead!


6 ulasan:

  1. assalamualaikum,

    semoga segalanya lancar dan baik2 saja buat akak dan keluarga.

    kiutnye panty liner..lynn tak tau dah mana nak cari snap prong tu. kat yik foong dah takde kedai mcm yg akak ckp, utk org mengait je :) so, panty liner lynn tanpa buttons. nasib tak tercicir..kekeke!!

    tq akak hehe

  3. Sewing has no boundaries, kan? Almost everything boleh buat sendiri..tak yah beli :)

    Btw, nak tnye..where to get the snap prong ye? Mcm tak jumpa2 pun..hehe


  4. lynn, dah tak de eh? erm.. tempat lain kat ipoh tu akak tak pasti la plak..
    niah. ok
    aza, kat sini memang susah nak cari. i tried to bought from ykk but then they sell in bulk (kena beli 5000pcs). last alternative is the eBay. ada satu seller ni jual murah sangat.

  5. Tu lah..i tgh survey2 ebay la ni.
    if u dont mind oleh bg nama seller tu? Mana tahu cheaper than the one i jumpa :)

  6. Aza, i look tru eBay td but to notice yg seller tu dah tak de.. seller yg i beli tu from hongkong.. but yg from canada tu pon give quite affordable price jugak..