Sunday, March 14, 2010

Make a small loop

..using the loop turner.

OK, before I start with the tutorial on how to make baju kurung, let me show you a simple tutorial on how to make a loop (small one) using the loop turner.

First you need to have: the loop turner, the small piece of cloth and sewing machine (optional as you can also sew by hand.. hehehe). Btw, you can buy the loop turner at the local sewing/craft shop for the price less than RM5 (I got mine at RM2).

The small loop is done. Small loop is handy as a substitute to button hole.

OK, that's all. Thank you for reading. See you in the next post. :-)


  1. owhhh.. rupa2nya guna loop turner ye.. baru ku tau.. thx neeza, very good sharing info!

  2. saya dulu jenuh jolok ngan lidi hahaha
    btw i wanna buy cheap loop turner where oh where?

  3. yee button house la.. kat mana lagi.. hehehe

    oh, btw, i discovered other simple method.. tarik dengan benang yg mengikat jarum.. i'll show u later (kalo rajin buat itu tutorial.. hehehe)..

  4. i pakai ready-made loop. available in all coluours. satu tali 80 sen gitu, can make about 10 loop. cantik gak. mudah n murah n save time. macam iklan je...