Isnin, 15 Mac 2010

How to sew baju kurung's neck

Bagaimana menjahit baju kurung.

Well, basically sewing a baju kurung is very easy. Furthermore, there's a lot of tutorial on how to sew it. So, honestly said, I'm not going to explain the whole process on how to sew (its hard to sew and at the same time to snap pictures and such) BUT I am going to focus on how to sew the neck (as I think this is the most crucial part on making baju kurung).

My style might be different from yours, so if your style is much more easier (to sew), do share it here by leaving some comment. :-) Thank you.

OK, I think that's all. If time permit (insya Allah), I'll make a complete tutorial on how to sew baju kurung. Sorry for the imperfect partial tutorial.

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  1. Mel, amik la.. tapi hold dulu sbb ada bnyk order customer dan takut nnt tak sempat siap haru la plak.. tgu till pop-out nnt baru 'kedai' beroperasi seperti sediakala.. heheh

  2. hai neeza.. your version looks much more simpler n easy! selama nih buat the hard way i guess.. :)

  3. miz, i am glad that this tutorial gave some input to you :-)

  4. wah. look easy. nak try :) tQ!

  5. Neeza, my mum, aunties, cousins all taught me to cut the neck round - exactly round. We use 2 "parts" of the finger as the radius, if you know hwat I mean.

    Anyway, I came across your blog from your posting to NeedlesNCraft. I hope you don't mind me putting your blog link on my blog ya?

  6. Neeza,

    Very useful tutorial. Already save it in my laptop so next time I want to sew baju kurung I can follow your tutorial. Thanks

  7. tempahan untuk raya dah dibuka ke?
    nak gak tempah...tq

    tq foe the tutorial.. i follow yours... see my link..